Judicial Districts

History of Judges

Since the adoption of the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1790, counties in Pennsylvania have been organized into judicial districts for the purpose of administrating the court system.  Bedford County, in 1790, was part of the Fourth Judicial District originally composed of the Counties of Cumberland, Franklin, Bedford, Huntingdon, and Mifflin.  Somerset and Centre Counties were added in 1800.  Subsequently in 1824, Bedford County was transferred to the 16th Judicial District, which was created that year and consisted of Franklin, Bedford, and Somerset Counties.  In 1901, Bedford County was transferred to the 20th Judicial District, which at the time consisted the Counties of Huntingdon, Mifflin, and Bedford. 
On May 22, 1931, the 57th Judicial District was created by act of the Legislature; Bedford County became a separate Judicial District.  Since that date, Bedford has remained in the 57th.  Originally a one-judge county, the 57th received a second judgeship in 1999 and this judgeship was filled by election in that year and the selected judge commissioned began service in 2000.

[Image of court houses: Copyright 2017 Larry D. Smith, used with permission.]