History of Judges


The majority of the portraits, Judge Thomas Smith through Judge Harry James, were created by Samuel Colvin between 1932 and 1943.  The following explanation about the creation of the portraits was given by Attorney D. C. Reiley at the portrait dedication for Judge B. F. Madore on August 16, 1943.  Attorney Reiley stated, “Some years ago, the Bedford County Bar Association, formed a committee, of which I was chairman, to secure photographs of the various Judges who sat on the Bench.  We procured a number of photographs and they were placed in the Courtroom.  Later the Courtroom was remodeled and Samuel Colvin, of Hollidaysburg, who was connected with the remodeling of the Courtroom, suggested that oil paintings be made of the Judges.  We hadn’t gotten that far, but we consulted him and he said he could make such paintings and were very glad to accept his offer and we secured him to prepare these paintings.”

[Image of court houses: Copyright 2017 Larry D. Smith, used with permission.]