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County of Bedford - Tax Claim Bureau Sales           

  1. UPSET SALE - At least one year’s taxes, or a portion thereof, must be delinquent for a period of almost 2 years. A sale will be held in September 2021 for unpaid 2019 taxes.  Properties are sold subject to whatever liens and encumbrances are against the property.  The list for the Upset Sale is published in the Bedford Legal Journal and other newspapers of general circulation published within the County, at least thirty days prior to the sale. Any property having 2019 and prior years’ taxes paid in full prior to the day of sale will not be offered for sale.  Upset Sale list. Pre-registration is required 10 days prior to the sale. Registration form.
  2. JUDICIAL SALE - These are “free and clear” sales; however, the Tax Claim Bureau NEVER guarantees title to any property sold by us, at any type of sale.  The advantage of this type of sale, from the purchaser’s standpoint, is that the properties are sold free and clear of liens and encumbrances, to the best of our ability.  A Judicial Sale requires a tremendous amount of work, including, but not limited to, a title search, a petition presented to the Court of Common Pleas, and Sheriff’s service on all owners and lien holders.  Judicial Sales are not held by any set schedule. Judicial Sale list. Pre-registration is required 10 days prior to sale. Registration form.
  3. REPOSITORY SALE - Any property unsold at Judicial Sale can subsequently be sold any time we receive a bid, without further notice to the property owner.  We are required to give the county, municipality, and school district an opportunity to object to the sale, if they have reason to do so.  The minimum acceptable bid is generally our cost for the Judicial Sale.  This is the “Bargain Basement” of Tax Claim Bureau sales.  As always, CAVEAT EMPTOR applies. The advantages to a Repository sale are that the sale price, rather than the assessed value, determines the transfer tax. The price paid shall be deemed the new fair market value for tax assessment purposes. The assessed value can only be assessed upwards after improvements, another sale or a county-wide reassessment. Repository list. A check needs to be submitted with a completed bid letter.